Saying Yes To More Happiness NOW

Are you amongst the majority of people who list happiness as a top priority in life?

But how much happiness are you actually getting on a day-to-day basis?

Does each moment bring you happiness?

Most of us go along with the idea that happiness is something to be attained in the future such as when you can save up enough and take time out to go on that holiday of a lifetime.

Meanwhile, we see daily life as rather boring, even a grind, like a treadmill with an endless to-do list to get done, and people to please.

The trouble with this is by the time the holiday event does come around, we are exhausted and life’s joy has been sucked out of us, so we can’t fully experience all that the dream holiday has to offer anyway.

There is another way. What if we could shift our thinking to see every one of the 1440 minutes we have in a day as being special and unique and worthy of celebration.

This change in perspective allows us to slow down and take in life’s everyday gifts that do surround us if we care to notice.

It allows us to open our hearts and mind to seeing the fulfilment that can come from life’s simple acts such as preparing a nourishing meal, tending a garden and going for a walk in the fresh air.

We feel richer from hearing the giggle of a child, the sound of beautiful music and the song of a bird.

Choosing to experience life in this way fills us on an ongoing basis and also gives us the resilience to cope during life’s tougher moments. As well, we are motivated and inspired when holiday time does come around, so we can fully embrace the experience.

So say YES to experiencing happiness more often for yourself now and watch how life changes!