As we enter middle-age and beyond, we all aspire to age with wisdom and style.

Here are some great tips for doing just that.

1. Be your authentic self.

Now is the time to honour your uniqueness. It is also a time to feel comfortable   with who you really are, and not feel that you have to conform to how other people expect you to be.

2.   Reflect your character and personality through your personal styling.

This means choosing clothes to wear that make you feel happy and confident. Say goodbye to being a slave to the latest fashion trends.

3.   “Treat yourself” as an acknowledgement of your self worth.

If you have had a lifetime of putting yourself last, of denying yourself all the luxuries of life, now is the time to treat yourself. Maybe it’s with a nice piece of jewellery, a new hairstyle or a whole makeover…whatever it is, know that you are deserving of such special treatment.

4.   Declutter your surroundings.

This process is about simplifying, giving a sense of lightness and freedom, so you don’t feel so weighed down. So whether it’s dealing with a wardrobe full of unwearable clothes, a living room full of knick knacks that are just dust collectors, or a kitchen full of old pots and pans, make a commitment to do it. You will find it so worth the effort.

5.   Let go of unhelpful thoughts

What good is entertaining such thoughts as “I’m not good enough” or “I’m not attractive enough.” These thoughts only serve to diminish you. Instead choose thoughts that are going to lift you up and make you feel self-assured and happy.

6.   Connect with community in a positive way.

Whether it’s through a social, sporting, spiritual, cultural or business/ work network or whether it’s through your contribution to charitable causes, being with people of similar values imbues a sense of shared connection.

Ageing is not about retreating from community, but being a positive role model and light for others.

Every stage of life is precious. So go ahead, embrace your life now and live it wholeheartedly!