Fad Diets Are Not The Answer To A Healthier & Happier You

Have you been trying to lose weight through constant crash diets, only to find each fad diet results in short-term gain, before the excess weight returns? And what about those accompanying feelings of failure and guilt?

If you answered yes to the above question, you are among the 95% of dieters who are caught up in the endless cycle of yoyo dieting.

Health experts warn that restrictive diets can actually do more harm than good, and even cause people to end up heavier than when they started.

What is needed is a much more sustainable approach to weight loss.

It is about creating a lifestyle where you are eating nutritious food that you love, and doing physical activity that brings you enjoyment.

It is also about ensuring that other aspects of your life such as work and career, and personal and relationships, are satisfying so there is not the temptation to fill any voids with an overconsumption of food.

So if you are currently overweight, the question becomes are you willing to bring awareness to your whole life situation and then set the intention to take appropriate action.

This thinking immediately takes “overweight” from being a problem to an opportunity and allows you to make those first steps to feeling better about your self and your life, in a caring and compassionate way.

Self-compassion and mindfulness will go a long way to helping you get towards your healthy weight. In the process, you can ditch the fad diet!


As we enter middle-age and beyond, we all aspire to age with wisdom and style.

Here are some great tips for doing just that.

1. Be your authentic self.

Now is the time to honour your uniqueness. It is also a time to feel comfortable   with who you really are, and not feel that you have to conform to how other people expect you to be.

2.   Reflect your character and personality through your personal styling.

This means choosing clothes to wear that make you feel happy and confident. Say goodbye to being a slave to the latest fashion trends.

3.   “Treat yourself” as an acknowledgement of your self worth.

If you have had a lifetime of putting yourself last, of denying yourself all the luxuries of life, now is the time to treat yourself. Maybe it’s with a nice piece of jewellery, a new hairstyle or a whole makeover…whatever it is, know that you are deserving of such special treatment.

4.   Declutter your surroundings.

This process is about simplifying, giving a sense of lightness and freedom, so you don’t feel so weighed down. So whether it’s dealing with a wardrobe full of unwearable clothes, a living room full of knick knacks that are just dust collectors, or a kitchen full of old pots and pans, make a commitment to do it. You will find it so worth the effort.

5.   Let go of unhelpful thoughts

What good is entertaining such thoughts as “I’m not good enough” or “I’m not attractive enough.” These thoughts only serve to diminish you. Instead choose thoughts that are going to lift you up and make you feel self-assured and happy.

6.   Connect with community in a positive way.

Whether it’s through a social, sporting, spiritual, cultural or business/ work network or whether it’s through your contribution to charitable causes, being with people of similar values imbues a sense of shared connection.

Ageing is not about retreating from community, but being a positive role model and light for others.

Every stage of life is precious. So go ahead, embrace your life now and live it wholeheartedly!

Saying Yes To More Happiness NOW

Are you amongst the majority of people who list happiness as a top priority in life?

But how much happiness are you actually getting on a day-to-day basis?

Does each moment bring you happiness?

Most of us go along with the idea that happiness is something to be attained in the future such as when you can save up enough and take time out to go on that holiday of a lifetime.

Meanwhile, we see daily life as rather boring, even a grind, like a treadmill with an endless to-do list to get done, and people to please.

The trouble with this is by the time the holiday event does come around, we are exhausted and life’s joy has been sucked out of us, so we can’t fully experience all that the dream holiday has to offer anyway.

There is another way. What if we could shift our thinking to see every one of the 1440 minutes we have in a day as being special and unique and worthy of celebration.

This change in perspective allows us to slow down and take in life’s everyday gifts that do surround us if we care to notice.

It allows us to open our hearts and mind to seeing the fulfilment that can come from life’s simple acts such as preparing a nourishing meal, tending a garden and going for a walk in the fresh air.

We feel richer from hearing the giggle of a child, the sound of beautiful music and the song of a bird.

Choosing to experience life in this way fills us on an ongoing basis and also gives us the resilience to cope during life’s tougher moments. As well, we are motivated and inspired when holiday time does come around, so we can fully embrace the experience.

So say YES to experiencing happiness more often for yourself now and watch how life changes!

Loving who YOU are!

Imagine if you could live your life actually loving who you are! Imagine how this would affect your relationships and all that you do?

Yes, you would be imbuing every aspect of your life with love, joy and passion.

So why not live this way!

Maybe you don’t love yourself because you don’t think you are good enough. But did you know that is actually just a thought you have in your head. It is not real. It is just conditioned thinking.

When you can become aware and see your negative self-judgements as hiding who you really are…someone worthy of your own love…you can break free of the past and live life fully in the now.

Life instantly becomes richer, more exciting and you become stronger and more resilient.

Loving yourself is the key to unlocking your full potential and all the beautiful qualities you have to share with others.

Loving yourself, respecting and valuing yourself is the foundation to blossoming as you.

Here are some simple yet effective strategies to start your day, to get you feeling good about yourself:

1. When you wake up each morning, take a few deep breaths and feel the miracle of you,   alive on this beautiful planet and connected to the intricacy and majesty of all life.

2. Each morning as you contemplate your day, write in your journal how you can bring more of the beautiful, authentic you to all that you are going to be doing. This may relate to the many aspects of you... such as your values and skills, your compassionate heart and your sense of fun and humour. These ideas then become the foundation for action.

3. When you go to the bathroom mirror each morning, rather than criticising yourself, give yourself encouragement and support through words such as “Love you lots!” and “We are going to have a fabulous day!”

Remember, you are here to be your unique and beautiful self!

And without a doubt, when you blossom as you, the whole world benefits.